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Zlarin Island has a population of approx. 280 and is 8 km away from Sibenik, which is the next larger city.

General information
Zlarin, an island in the Sibenik archipelago, southwest of Sibenik; separated from the land by the Sibenik Channel, and from a series of islets in the south-west by the Zlarin Channel; area 8.19 sq km (length 6.1 km, width up to 2.1 km); popu-lation 359; the highest peak Klepac (170 m). The island consists of two mountain ridges with a valley of fertile arable fields in between. Bigger bays are Zlarinska Luka and Magarna in the south-east; on the north-eastern coast are the bays Vodena, Velika Lovisca, Njivica, Veles, Platac, Lokvica, etc. Chief occupations include farming, viticulture, olive and fruit growing, fishing, coral and sponge diving, seafaring and tourism. Ferry lines with Sibenik.
Sights to see
church,  museum,  harbour,  historical Baroque buildings,  historical Gothic buildings
Sport activities
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