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The small town of Novi Vinodolski has approximately 5282 inhabitants. The districts of Novi Vinodolski are: Povile, Bribir, Lukovo, Ledenice, Breze, Grabrova, Lukovo - Masevo, Prisika, Grizane, Donji Zagon, Kalvarija, Krasa, Scedine, Krivi Put-Alan, Gornji Zagon, Antonci.

General information
Novi Vinodolski, a town and harbour in the region of the Croatian Primorje, at the estuary of the river Suha Ricina in the Vinodol Channel. Situated in the south-eastern part of the Vinodol flysh vale stretching from the northwest to the southeast and reaching the sea at Novi Vinodolski. Up to 1953 the town was called Novi. It consists of an older, compact part on the hill and the more recent one along the sea, southeast of the port with a promenade, tourist facilities and many villas. During the last years many of new villas and weekend houses are being built, the town is expanding to the northwest of the port, below the main road. The port is exposed to the winds blowing from the fourth quadrant. Berths for yachts are found at the breakwater, at the part facing the coast, along the embankment and on both sides of the pier (depth 2.7 m). Chief occupations include farming, viniculture, fishing and tourism. There is a tourist resort Zagori not far from Novi Vinodolski. The town is located at the intersection of the main road (M2, E65) Rijeka - Zadar and the regional road to Ogulin.
Sights to see
churches,  seafront
Leisure activities
Food and entertainment
Cafe,  pizzeria,  Restaurant
souvenir shop,  supermarket

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