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The small town Neum (Bosnia And Herzegovina) has around ca. 4700 inhabitants and is 64 km from Dubrovnik, the closest large town. The town of Neum (Bosnia And Herzegovina) is divided into the following parts: Bosnia-Herzogovina.

General information
Neum is the only seaside town in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Around it there is about 21 km of coastline which is the only access of this country to the Adriatic Sea. Neum has steep hills, sandy beaches and several large tourist hotels. Tourism in Neum is active only in the coastal region. The inland area behind Neum has a rich archaeological history and untouched wilderness and is starting to develop agricultural tourism.

The city hosts a yearly music festival called Etnofest Neum. Neum has long, warm summers and short, mild winters. It ranks among the coastal towns with the most sunny days per year. The average sea temperature ranges from 13 degrees Celsius in January to 32 degrees Celsius in July and August. Popular activities include swimming and sun bathing, walks along the beach, boating and various water-sports.
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