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The small town of Ort Pag has approximately 4400 inhabitants. The districts of Ort Pag are: Kosljun, Kosljun, Povljana, Miskovici, Vlasici, Simuni, Dubrava, Vodice, Bosana, Mandre, Dinijska.

General information

Pag, a town and port on the south-eastern coast of the Pag Bay on the island of Pag. Situated in the south-western part of Krsina (263 m), where the Pag Bay continues through a narrow strait (Prosika) towards the southeast and ends in a shallow salt lake (Paska Solila). The inner part of the cove south of Cape St. Nicholas, where the port of Pag is situated, is shallow and muddy. A 50 m long and up to 4.5 m deep navigable canal represents the entrance in the port, which has an enclosed small port of a depth up to 2.9 m, and an embankment, along which the sea is between 3.6 and 4 m deep, south of the port. Larger vessels anchor along the eastern coast, at a depth between 24 and 38 m, 850 m far from the ruins of the chapel on Cape St. Nicholas. During fine weather conditions and in the summer months smaller vessels can anchor in front of the entrance in the navigable canal. Ships with a draught of up to 3.5 m land along the northern embankment, and boats land in the small port. Chief occupations include farming, viniculture, livestock breeding, fishing, shipbuilding, salt production and tourism. Situated on the main road (M29) running through the whole island.
Sights to see

historical Gothic buildings,  historical old town,  historical Renaissance buildings,  historical city walls,  abbey,  museum,  seafront
Sport activities

basketball,  diving,  tennis
Food and entertainment

Cafe,  pizzeria,  Restaurant,  disco,  Cash

souvenir shop

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