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Novalja has approximately 3500 inhabitants and is 27 km away from Pag Town, Pag, the next larger town. The districts of Novalja are: Mandre, Lun, Stara Novalja, Gajac, Vidalici, Caska, Zubovici, Metajna, Kustici, Potocnica, Drazice, Jakisnica.

General information

Novalja, a town and port in the bay of the same name, situated at the south-western coast of the island of Pag. The town includes the former hamlets Sveti Ante (St. Anthony) and Spital. In the Roman times (the ruins of the Roman aqueduct) there was a town called Cissa (the present hamlet of Caska) in the surroundings of Novalja. Novalja is a town of a compact coastal type which expanded considerably in the recent times. Chief occupations include farming, viniculture, livestock breeding, fishing and tourism. The port of Novalja is well protected from the winds of the first and second quadrants; the westerly and north-westerly winds are extremely strong. When entering the port, larger vessels have to beware of the shallows (8.5 to 9.8 m) 1.8 southwest of Cape Vrtlic. The pier in the port provides shelter to smaller vessels; there is a 98-m long embankment made of rocks. Larger vessels can anchor at the entrance into the port off the north-eastern coast, and smaller vessels and yachts in the centre of the port, at a depth between 5 and 8 m. Situated on the regional road (29) running through the whole island.

Novalja developed on the site of the ancient settlement Novalia which represented the southern port of the Roman settlement Cissa (today Caska). From the Roman times parts of the aqueduct, several inscriptions and architectural plastic forms have been preserved. In the early Christian times there was a large basilica urbana in the centre of the town, with a semicircular apse and mosaics (remains of architecture, plastic forms, inscriptions). In 1971 two decorated reliquaries were found there: a bronze one from the 4th century and a silver one, from a later period. On the same place the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Gothic style was erected, annexed in the Baroque period, which holds the painting of Our Lady with Childfrom the 16th century. The present parish church of St. Catherine was built in 1906.Stara Novalja is situated not far from Novalja in a fertile, narrow and some kilometre long bay in the north-western part of the island Pag and can be reached on a soft downhill road. This long and narrow bay is bordered on one side by mediterranean vegetation whereas the other side by a continuous sandy beach, which finishes just in centre of the bay in one of the most marvellous sandy beaches named Trincel. From here continues the fertile valley of Novalja with its old vineyards. In this picturesque position is situated a nice hotel with restaurant and wine-cellar. Here you can enjoy far from any urban noise, like in a little oasis, the calm and the fragrances of the pine-wood, the many different aromatic herbs, the grass and the hay. In the restaurant you can taste the local food like the sheep-cheese of Pag, the Dalmatian ham and pickled fishes and all this accompanied by first class wines of Pag. The music-evenings with local chorus-singers or song-writers will be an unforgettable event for the guests. Stara Novalja is qualified for diving and all the other sea-sports, especially with sails.
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