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Central Istria belongs to Central Istria, the next larger town. The districts of Central Istria are: Rakalj, Manjadvorci, Krnica, Prnjani, Dobrani, Barban, Katun Lindarski, Hum, Kavran, Vodnjan, Marcana, Mekisi, Strpacici, Gradisce , Kurili, Pinezici, Basici, Gondolici, Vlasici, Jursici, Rovinjsko selo, Saini, Groznjan, Sutivanac, Kringa, Peresiji, Barban, Prhati, Valtura, Visnjan, Sveti Lovrec, Susnjevica, Vizinada, Borut, Duga Uvala, Foli, Orihi, Crklada, Hreljici, Slivari, Rim, Koromani, Hrboki, Baderna, Tinjan, Plomin, Buje Kaldanija, Momjan, Sisan, Galizana, Smoljanci, Skitaca, Markovac, Kranzeti, Rosini, Rebici, Krpani, Fiorini, Orbanici, Zbandaj, Pazin, Sveti Lovrec Kruncici, Roc, Motovun, Svetvincent, Buzet, Drenje, Livade, Divsici, Mrgani, Sorici, Pican, Paz (Cerovlje), Paz, Majmajola, Glavani, Ribari (Tinjan), Damjanici, Radetici (Sveti Lovrec), Zminj (Zeci), Burici (Kanfanar), Matijasi, Vadrez (Barban), Bertosi, Lindar, Bazgalji, Glavini, Brajkovici, Sumber, Golubovo, Pacici, Loborika, Gajana, Pavicini, Trget, Ripenda Verbanc, Rojnici, Milotski Brijeg, Krizanci, Jurazini, Bibici, Lupoglav, Batlug, Barat, Krvavici, Kozljak, Kruncici, Cvitici, Dolenja Vas, Zminj, Grzini, Karnevali, Krbune, Rezanci, Laginji, Trviz, Kmacici, Mandalencici (Pazin), Buzinija.

General information

It is really a pity that the hinterland of Istria is not explored, yet, like the coast of this region. A gastronomy tour would be very interesting, because there are numerous specialities, which are really good. For instances, start with the many and qualitatively high-quality sorts of native whites - and red wines. Do not miss the the national typical cheese creations. Now, at this point we have to mention the istrian ham, which has the same level of quality of famous hams from Italy or Spain. Smoked or air dried, matured in the correct manner and spiced correctly, after having tried this ham or istrian PRSUT you will not regret that you were here.

At least, just come and wonder the rich vegetation, beautiful nature, and moreover do not miss the village fulfilled by lives.
Sights to see

historical old town,  church
Sport activities

climbing,  Nordic walking,  cycling,  horse riding,  hiking
Food and entertainment

Cash,  Cafe,  disco,  pizzeria,  Restaurant

bakery,  shopping centre,  souvenir shop,  supermarket


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